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Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

DXP Consulting is committed to doing business the right way, based on a culture of ethics and integrity.  These are the foundations of all our relationships and actions.

This Code applies to the Principal of DXP Consulting and other people and organisations who we work with, such as subcontractors.  The expectation is that all act within the law, are impartial, honest, respectful, fair, and do nothing to destroy the trust placed in them by our clients and other stakeholders.

The success of DXP Consulting is based on the trust we earn from our clients, collaborators, and other stakeholders.

Our Commitments


DXP Consulting commits to:

  • ethical decision making

  • complying with all relevant laws, rules and regulations

  • honouring our contractual obligations

  • adopting sustainable practices

  • respecting human dignity and the rights of each and every individual and community we interact with

  • fair competition, offering quality and value-for-money services, and refraining from behaviours that harms the reputation of competitors

  • zero tolerance for all forms of corruption designed to obtain or retain advantage in the conduct of our business

  • avoiding any actions that create a perception that favourable treatment was sought, received or given in exchange for personal gain, such as gifts or hospitality

  • respecting the privacy of personal information (refer Privacy Policy) and the confidentiality of commercial and other sensitive information

  • maintaining true and accurate records of our financial situation and acting with financial integrity

  • prohibiting all forms fraudulent behaviours, including cheating, stealing, deceiving and lying

  • declaring any potential conflicts of interest and taking action to avoid any actual conflicts arising.


This Code may change from time to time and is available on our website.

Complaints and Enquiries

If you have any queries or complaints about our Code please contact the Principal, Mary Clarke.

Mary Clarke


DXP Consulting

M: +61 401 088 571


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