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DXP Consulting adds values to your endeavours in the following broad ways:


  • Advocacy:  Through submissions and thought leadership we work with you to develop a compelling narrative and an authoritative voice to shape policies and initiatives that matter.  We engage tactically and ethically to positively influence outcomes.

  • Policy development and advice:  Through the application of quality analysis and sound judgement, DXP Consulting provides the insight and advice necessary to develop and reform policies and make better decisions. 

  • Strategy:  DXP Consulting is experienced in working with clients and their stakeholders to define or refine their strategies - from aspiration to action, and all the intervening steps that create the logic that binds the two.

  • Research:  Policies and strategies succeed when they are informed by evidence and research, adapted to differing contexts.  DXP Consulting has a wealth of expertise in scanning the environment to distil from stakeholder insights and intelligence, data, submissions, literature and other sources key themes of relevance to the design and reform of policies and strategies.

  • Evaluation:  Ex-anti and ex-post evaluation are pinnacle to the continued efficacy of policies and strategies.  DXP Consulting's evaluative services span the effectiveness of outcomes, the efficiency of outputs, through to the economy of inputs.

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