Focus Areas


Post Secondary Education and Credentialing


Multiple quality and seamless pathways supporting and recognising lifelong and lifewide learning


AQF review submission

The future of higher education reform

Transparency of higher education admissions processes

International education

Demand driven system



Policy, funding and governance conditions that support a quality education for all


Parents Report Card 2018-19

Cost of schooling

Shaping the Victorian Government's position on the Gonski reforms

Human capital reform


Re-imagining school funding


"Mary Clarke has been engaged on several occasions by ASG. And for very good reasons. She brings to bear a rare blend of both an in depth and breadth of knowledge of education policy issues, expert analysis, data dexterity and a persuasive presentation style, Importantly, she also has a style of writing that is both appropriate to audience and a pleasure to read. To top it off Mary is a joy to do business with - ever pleasant, professional efficient and agile."

Ms Wahdiah Hopper, Former Director Policy and Advocacy, ASG


Global Talent


Skilled migration policies and settings that attract and retain global talent


Australia's hybrid approach to optimise global talent flows

Migration program review submissions

The proposed new approach to skilled migration occupation lists

Visa simplification: transforming Australia’s visa system

Review of essential skills in demand lists

Skilled and temporary migration

Skilled occupation list


Why skilled migrants matter for growth

The Professions


Agile professions that are relevant and add public and private value in a changing world


Demand and supply of accounting professionals in Australia

Demand and supply of accounting professionals in New Zealand

Mega trends shaping the accounting profession


The future is bright for professionals, but what does it hold for their membership bodies?




Organisation, community or initiative success through clear objectives, sound logic, optimal resource use and approaches owned by all


Finance Research Network review

Skilled Migration Internship Program for Accountants review


"Mary Clarke, as principal of DXP Consulting, has done an excellent job in producing a strategic review of our organisation. She acts professionally and listens to the views of people before making any judgments. She quickly understands the client’s needs and is excellent in establishing what needs to be done to provide an operational outcome and explicit recommendations. Her understanding of business and her skills in pulling together disparate sets of data into a cohesive whole enable her to produce very clear, understandable Reports that are vital in helping move an organisation forward. I am extremely satisfied with Mary’s work and would use her again any time if the need arises."

Professor Christine Helliar, University of South Australia and Governing Council Chair, Finance Research Network (FIRN)

"Mary Clarke was contracted by the professional accounting bodies to examine alternative models of oversight and governance of the Accounting Professional Year Program. Mary’s professionalism coupled with her ability to fully engage with the Program Providers enabled her to produce a well informed and extensive report. A number of the recommendations Mary made in the report have been taken up by the Committee or are on the project list. She is a pleasure to work with and I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future."

Ms Sue La Roche, SMIPA Manager, CPA Australia

Indigenous Success


Capable Indigenous individuals, businesses and communities that take best advantage of unprecedented opportunities for self-determined success


Grant funding applications for business capabilities building programs

Assessment of current situation and opportunities for success

Indigenous business sector strategy

Accounting for Indigenous success

Creating parity – the Forrest Review

Preserving fisheries quota for Maori


Business studies empowering Indigenous success


"Mary Clarke is a consummate professional who cares about the needs of her clients and how best to meet them. She is approachable, a very good listener and excellent at delineating client needs and constraints.  She has high level business and behavioural skills in pulling together disparate data when preparing her briefs.  That, together with a good understanding of government and business processes gives her a real advantage in consulting work.  Her passion for good outcomes makes her a valuable and successful advocate for any organisation."

Indigenous Business Development Program providers: John Roberts, Professor of Marketing, University of New South Wales Business School, Baljit Sidhu, Professor of Accounting, University of Sydney, Tom Smith, Head of the Department of Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies, Macquarie University and Martina Linnenluecke, Professor of Environmental Finance, Macquarie University